04 Jul

January 2019 Unboxing

Folk of the Air Box - Photos from @livvys.library

Candles by @wickandfable
4 oz candle:
Queen of Faerie

2 oz candles:
High King of Faeries
The Undersea
Court of Shadows
Faerie Glamour

Handcrafted Faerie Crown
Wall Hanging designed by @loweana.art
Pillow Case designed by @loweana.art
Character Cards designed by @tygrysekwypasiasty
Enamel Pin designed by @jezhawk
Wood Print designed by @jezhawk
Locke and Taryn Art Print designed by @morgana0anagrom
Oak Button designed by @Kirsty.Carter.art
Collectible Coaster designed by @Kirsty.Carter.art
Double Sided Print by @aenteereads

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