We are so excited to share our second reveal and a sneak peek for the special edition Blood & Honey merch box! These stunning pins are designed by @jezhawk who has created a truly special set just for this box!


Jen has designed a stunning set of exclusive interlocking enamel pins. These pins are beautiful on their own or can be pieced together. These particular pins took quite a lot of trial and error due to all of the details we were able to include and we are so excited that the pins came out as we envisioned.. *The colors shown here are subject to change because parts of the pin (pictured here) are made with stained glass with a transparent effect.

ICYM our original reveal, here are the different packages that we're offering.


• Shipping Not Included
• Interlocking Hard Enamel Pins

• Shipping Not Included
• Serpent & Dove Dust Jacket
• Blood & Honey Dust Jacket

• Free Worldwide Shipping
• Full Deluxe Box
• Includes Both Dust Jackets
• Includes Both Enamel Pins
• 10+ Exclusive Items
• Full Sized Candles

Boxes go on sale on AUGUST 1ST at 12:00 PM EST for early access! *Please sign up for early access here! We will email you a link at exactly 12:00 PM on August 1st while everyone else will get access to the boxes at 3:00PM EST. We wanted to make sure that everyone is able to get this box but we do anticipate that it will sell out. Items are currently in production and unfortunately we will not be adding extra boxes.

Please be aware that this box does not include any books and are exclusive FM merch only. Head over to @shelbymahurin and learn all about her pre order campaign for Blood & honey and all the goodies! Blood & Honey will be released on September 1st and we can’t wait to be reunited with Lou, Reid and the rest of the gang!

Stay tuned as we'll be posting a lot more reveals and sneak peeks in the upcoming weeks leading up the sale! The estimated ship date for the boxes and all the goodies are late September 2020.

Thank you to @azura.arts for the lovely theme art and elements!